A WiperWagger® is a completely legal addition to your car in the UK – you can’t be stopped for having one on the rear windscreen.

Welcome to WiperWaggers® - our novelty vehicle rear windscreen display that’s sure to put smiles on faces all around you.

A WiperWagger® uses your rear vehicle windscreen wiper to bring a character or image to life with a waving arm or wagging limb. It can used to send a message, promote a product or service, celebrate a person or an occasion or simply be a bit of fun. Whichever WiperWagger® you go for, you're sure to turn heads wherever you drive.

The WiperWagger® is made up of a specially created image that goes on your vehicle rear windscreen and a wagging appendage which attaches to your windscreen wiper animating the picture. The WiperWagger® portfolio is growing and currently includes a Waggy Wiper Dog™ range, CarCats range™ , a Cheering Queen Elizabeth II, a Waving Baby on Board™ and even a jolly Santa Claus among others.

Each of our WiperWaggers ® comes with a blank “thought bubble” or “speech bubble” and we include four or more messages for you to choose from to stick in the thought/speech bubble which means that your WiperWagger image can think or say something.

Check out the current WiperWagger® product range:
- animal range here
- people range here
- events and celebrations range here
- public campaigns range here
- bespoke business solutions here.

If you want a WiperWagger® and we haven’t done the one you want, tell us about it using the Contact Us page and we’ll see what we can do to help you.

For those interested in a bit of background history we originally came up with the idea and tested it in the early 1990’s. At the time, rear windscreen wipers were increasingly the norm on cars but there were significant variations in design which meant that a different WiperWagger® design was needed for different makes and models. Luckily these early wiper systems have evolved into a generally similar solution - a central rear windscreen wiper pivot at the bottom of the glass with a 180 degree sweeping mechanism.

Just about any vehicle with a rear windscreen wiper can sport a WiperWagger®. The fitting process is simple and deciding how you want the waving or wagging character to look all adds to the fun! Each WiperWagger® kit also includes a selection of pre-printed messages for you to add to your image or you can come up with your own. It's easily removed when you want to take it off and won't damage your vehicle in any way.

Even if you can't be bothered to fit your WiperWagger® properly to the rear wiper you can still create a great fixed image by sticking the pieces straight onto the glass.

Wiper Wagger


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